About Master

Have you ever dreamt about how one day you can make big changes to your life and become really happy? While others are only dreaming about this, Sergey Jabbarov has already been able to find himself. He is engaged in a rather unusual creative artwork - he creates original sculptures from scrap metal.

Sergey lives and works in Yekaterinburg, and he is a welder by profession. But during working hours he manufactures ventilation systems, which we can hardly call creative pastime. Even as a child he enjoyed studying at an art school, and his wife is a designer and an architect. There are two children in their family.

In any free moment at work, Sergey is engaged in creating unusual sculptures. Actually, scrap metal (usual unwanted items from metal) is used for their production. In the piles of metal he sees his new characters and just helps them to take a shape, turning into a piece of fine art. And his creations are made using recycled metals, including damaged pistons, automotive chains, etc. Sometimes the image of the future hero immediately appears in the head, and sometimes Sergey draws the details of the sculpture beforehand. Then he cuts out the necessary holes and welds additional parts. All you need is a few tools and a good mood.

What inspires the Ural master? In fact, everything that happens around. For example, in the collection of his artworks there is a guitarist and a character with a barbell. Their images were copied from coworkers, one of whom is fond of sports, and the other is an athlete. Sergey also has a sculpture made for the FIFA World Cup. And he has many ideas in his plans. Sergey's dream is to create a real full-scale project on the theme of Soviet cartoons. He wants to present this sculpture to his city or even send it to Moscow.

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