Metal sculpture care

Metal sculptures are one of the most common variants of products used to decorate house plots. They are distinguished by an attractive appearance and durability. For metal sculpture> sculpture has served as long as possible, it is necessary to properly care for it.


How to extend the service life of the product

Sculptures made of soft non-ferrous metals (for example, aluminum) are characterized by gradual tarnishing and loss of luster, since their surface eventually wears off and is covered with micro-scratches. You can restore the shine of the product and attractive appearance with the help of slightly abrasive polishes. You can also prepare a recovery solution by mixing 5 g of ammonia and 15 g of borax in half a liter of water. It is strictly forbidden to use any aggressive chemicals (for example, alkalis or acids).


For the care of stainless steel sculptures, you can use almost any metal care products. They are characterized by high chemical inertia, so they easily withstand the effects of acids and alkalis, and you can remove dirt from the surface of stainless steel with a dry felt cloth. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the grinding lines and move parallel to them. This is very important, because otherwise the product may lose its shine.


If there are hotbeds of corrosion on the metal sculpture, you should get rid of them as soon as possible. To do this, the problem areas must be treated first with vinegar, and then rinsed with water. You can also make a paste from soda mixed with a small amount of water. In addition, household and construction stores have specialized products, for example, based on orthophosphoric acid. After removing rust from the surface of the sculpture, an anticorrosive composition should be applied to it. Such a protective coating should be regularly updated.


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